Advanced Yoga

Advanced Yoga

An advanced yoga class implies an exercise plan for those trainees, who have accomplished a basic yoga program. An advanced course is intended for permanent yoga trainees, who attend classes two or three times per week and support their body in a healthy condition at home. Asanas get more difficult during an advanced course: inversion poses are conducted in a number of variations, a usual training is supplemented by breathing exercises. It is essential for a person to be physically ready for pranayama – a complex of breathing techniques, in order to achieve solid results without harmful consequences.

Trainers will also gradually introduce more difficult poses into a compulsory program: standing positions, bending, twisting, flexure, balancing, inversions. The intensity of such course is not conditioned by new positions quantity, but accuracy and exactness of performed exercises. Trainings are conducted on a deeper concentration level: connective movements, gesture, facial language and breathing. It is recommended to keep practising simplified yoga poses, stretching and regular morning exercises.

The advanced level also implies psychological relaxation and stress relief. Systematic attendance of yoga classes allows to introduce basic breathing techniques into a routine: disturbing daily cares turn into an insignificant life aspect. Beginner yoga methods become applicable for trainees: they can be used during work or at sudden stressful situations.



A complex of breathing techniques, developed for psychological relaxation and stress relief.

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