What to do When Your Rental Car in Dubai is Stolen?

It is quite opportune to have a car by your side in Dubai. However, everyone cannot afford to buy a new automobile during trips or short visits. In such cases, hiring a car is the best option. Considering how public transports are heavily crowded by travellers and taxis are expensive, renting a car is a smart choice. You can look for the most affordable car rental shop in Dubai Marina that provides a huge fleet on rent. This will help you save some time and avoid hassles. The freedom you get to roam around the beautiful city is another advantage of renting a car. However, you may feel distraught if your rented vehicle is stolen by someone. The insurance policy can vary, and it may not cover the stolen charges. Unless there is a tracker or a GPS, you cannot find the automobile on your own. It is better to stop wasting your energy and follow the protocols. Here are a few things you must do immediately in this scenario.

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Inform the Police Department

When you find out that your rented car is missing, instantly file a complaint against the incident. You must provide information about your commute, stuff you left in the automobile, luggage that was present, and place from where the car has been taken from. You will be in good luck if the car rental company has installed a device in the vehicle to easily track the location. The police can help you in finding the vehicle and track it down.

Tell the Car Rental Agency

Make sure you contact the agency immediately. They must know about the incident. You should also inform them that the report has been filed against the burglars. The company can provide you with details about the automobile which you may have forgotten to tell the police. The car rental agency can also track the GPS device which will help in locating the vehicle.

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Report the Incident and Check the Conditions

When you call the car rental company, ask them to provide you with the report. This way you can get an idea of liability and policy coverage. Most of the companies offer protection against accidents and such incidents which will help you in saving some money in case the car is stolen.

Check Your Credit

Immediately make a call to your credit card company if you used it to hire the vehicle. Make sure to tell them that they don’t have to release the amount to pay the theft coverage unless you allow it.

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