Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga

Yoga4You prenatal classes are suitable for attendance form early pregnancy to labour. The most exercises are aimed at pregnancy maintenance and reduction of an increased uterus tone. Classes are devoted to elimination of psychological and physical reasons of pregnancy problems. Future mothers are taught basic methods of relaxation, breathing, intention release, positive concentration, impaction relief and so on. Under the direction of experienced Yoga4You instructors, trainees study a prenatal yoga complex: correct and safe poses performance is carefully supervised by our trainers. Small groups allow our instructors to pay enough attention to every participant, so they comply with prenatal yoga standards.

Such yoga category is aimed at an exact exercise execution, not at flexibility, sustainability and muscular load. Classes are comfortably carried out by all women.

Another pleasant advantage of the prenatal yoga practice is synchronization of a mother and a baby activity during day and night. Calm and regulated daily routine is highly appreciated by expectant mothers especially at later pregnancy stages.

Systematic exercising of prenatal yoga guarantees less painful labour, mental comfort, faster postnatal recovery, easier labour development. Such simplified yoga approach allows to support acquired yoga skills and prepare a body for further intense yoga course. We recommend to perform prenatal yoga exercises at a presence of a professional trainer in order to follow medical based safety standards.  

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