Yoga for Kids

Yoga for kids

Yoga4You Kids Program implies cooperative yoga exercising of a mother and a child. We believe that parents should not wait for their children in a hall without participating in trainings! Advantages of such leisure spending are obvious:

  • your valuable time won't be wasted, you can develop yoga skills and improve physical shape instead of waiting
  • children are better motivated at presence of their parents, as they want to show their skills and knowledge
  • trainings develop better communication between family members, they acquire common interests and plans, spend pleasant and enjoyable time together

Yoga4You has also developed a special yoga program for mothers and infants. It is scientifically approved that emotional connection between a new born baby and a mother is very tight. Mother's emotional condition and mood synchronizes with her child. Yoga classes allow to share only positive energy and emotions with your family. The course is developed for mothers, wishing to improve health, get rid of back pains, release stress and obtain emotional balance.

Yoga for kids is a great option for mothers, who do not use a babysitting service. Home exercising doesn’t guarantee solid yoga results achievement, communication with other mothers and sharing experience. It is also a perfect opportunity to take care of your own beauty, body and health. Usually kids are very active during sessions: they are inspired by attention and activity of surrounding people. Such energetic engagement allows young yoga trainees to rest after a class while mothers are busy with their daily cares.

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