Effect of Smoking on Dental Health

Stresses go together with the modern people. That is why we always search for ways to deal with it.  Some relieve stress by going shopping and buying great amounts of things they don't need, others start renovations following Feng shui, or going on a vacation. But, the most common way of stress relieve is smoking. Meanwhile cigarettes can be called one of the main enemies of healthy and beautiful smile. Why?

Tobacco smoke first goes in the mouth, so teeth, oral cavity are the first to be destroyed under its influence. It's easy to evaluate the condition of mouth cavity and teeth to enable the prognosis of the problems you may face if you won’t get rid of bad habit.

Beautiful smile is strong healthy and white teeth. Also it is attractiveness, charm and good mood every day. Many smokers are sure that it isn’t hard to get rid of dark build-up on the teeth. Actually, on one hand there is a great amount of whitening toothpastes and professional whitening techniques. But toothpastes won’t return your perfectly white smile, and whitenings need to be done over and over again, which eventually will give a negative result to the quality and resistance of enamel. Hot tobacco smoke causes the appearance of micro fractures.  Besides, it contains elements of tobacco tar, which can stain teeth with a really unpleasant color.  Another interesting moment: by 65 years old almost 40% of smokers lose their teeth, among the non-smokers the numbers are twice as small.

Quitting smoking is a really hard step, but if you do so, you will not only get clean lungs, but also strong beautiful teeth. So, how will your life get better if you get rid of that nasty habit? 

  1. Expanding your social circle. Who would like to talk to a person with bad breath? And smokers certainly face that problem. Tobacco tar, that settles on enamel and, also, bacteria, which multiplies fast on the surface of the teeth and on inflamed gums. Quitting cigarettes you can save your teeth from tobacco tar and also from bacteria that causes bad breath. You will instantly feel more confident in your attractiveness and that will reflect on how other people will treat you. 
  2. An opportunity to visit the dentist less often. Smoking is the cause of many illnesses, among which is caries, gingivitis. Another reason to visit the dentist is to get rid of dental calculus, the build-up of which is caused by tobacco. To get rid of dental calculus is possible only with the help of a professional dentist, and if the problem left without proper attention it can cause the development of periodontitis. You also may need a root canal treatment in Dubai, which can be done in Dentist Direct Dubai. The less cigarettes you smoke, the lesser you will need to visit the dentist.
  3. To lower the risk of cancer diseases. Everybody has heard that smoking causes cancer. Actually, smokers develop cancer of dental cavity, laryngeal cancer develops more often. Smoking can also cause the development of leukoplakia – thickening of hard and soft palate. The infected areas turn muddy-white. In some cases fractures appear on infected areas. Lack of proper treatment can cause cancer development, lack of cigarettes - decrease the risk of that illness.

All of the above is not all of the advantages, but it is enough to start thinking about the necessity to quit smoking. Look at your reflection in the mirror, smile to yourself. Don't you deserve the reflected smile not only to be sincere but also healthy, beautiful and white?

Of course proper care of dental cavity will decrease some of the bad side effects of smoking: correctly chosen toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash can all help keep the beauty of your smile for longer time. But with all that any dental cavity care equipment will make much better effect if you can completely quit smoking.

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