Yoga for Beginners

Yoga for beginners

Yoga4You offers a training program for beginners in yoga activity. Classes are devoted to familiarization with basic yoga exercises and positions. The main direction is working at standing positions, which develop muscular power and prepare a body for more difficult asanas. The first yoga level also implies spinal and limb strengthening, legs stretching and flexibility advancement.

In the middle of a basic course, the Yoga4You trainers will show a number of inversion poses, which have been commonly admitted as anti-aging. A role of inversion poses in yoga is very important, it is a foundation of an advanced level asanas.

In the end of the beginner yoga program, our customers mention posture improvement, muscular development, pain relief in shoulders, knees and lower back. Besides physical changes, the beginner program introduces concentration, calmness and mental balance into an everyday life.

Yoga4You suggests attending beginner training two times per week. At the same time, it is important to start simple morning exercising every day. Yoga disciplines and helps to distribute time effectively, preparing a body for a work day, by waking up and oxygenating an organism.

Regular exercises help to promote health, recover from a trauma or a disease, keep a general immunity tone, lose weight and harmonize character traits. We recommend starting training slowly, gradually increasing physical activity load, as the most important component of effective yoga training is pleasant and enjoyable exercising.

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