Yoga4You Testimonials

“I would like to thank the Yoga4You trainers for exceptional yoga sessions! As a beginner I was afraid to feel uncomfortable or not to catch all the material. However, my worries were groundless. I was taken care and supported during classes, I didn't have to ask to explain another asana – everything was under the direction of our instructor.”



“I've been practising yoga for three years. My expectations were very high, as I have participated in a number of contests, seminars and workshops. I was glad that an advanced level was also divided into a few groups, so everyone has an opportunity to learn and develop. I found my classes efficient and useful. Thank you!”



“I just had turned fifty when I came to the Yoga4You first class. My daughters recommended me this school and I recommend it to you! I was the eldest in a group and felt clumsy at the beginning. However, our instructor's motivation, advice and careful treatment have inspired me to do my best. I am a regular Yoga4You customer.”



“I decided to start doing yoga after pregnancy. My main goal was to develop muscularity, lose weight and become more flexible. After a half a year I lost ten kilos, improved posture and balanced my routine schedule. In addition, I mentioned to be more calm, peaceful and spiritually comfortable. Thank you for your help!”



“I have chosen yoga because I found it the least traumatizing sport option. After gym physical loads I had pain in my knees, back and shoulders. Due to measured, thoughtful yoga exercising, the back pain was gone after a month of regular trainings. I continue to attend classes and believe that yoga is a great solution for those, who experience muscular aches and discomfort.”


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