Features of Tonal Creams

Every girl wishes to have a perfect skin from the magazine's cover. Unfortunately, our ecology doesn't contribute to naturally velvet skin. To make their skin tone even, girls use various tricks. Thus, one of the secrets of getting an ideal face is usage of tonal cream.

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Main Types of Tonal Creams

Nowadays there are plenty of different creams that are able to hide skin imperfections. Among the most widespread types of tonal cream we may note the following:

  • Liquid cream;
  • Cream powder;
  • Dry foundation.

Liquid cream is the most used type of tonal creams among all the cosmetics in Dubai. It may be used with any type of skin. Face with skin imperfections (peeling, reddening, acne) can be also matted with the help of liquid cream. Among its main components we may note the following:

  • Substances preserving the liquid;
  • Colouring pigments;
  • Oil reducing skin inflammations.

This type of tonal cream is represented on the market with a great assortment and of different price.

Cream powder

This type is relatively young but it has become really popular already. It is very convenient to apply it as it is a muss by its substance. It is ideal for problem skin because it doesn't clog the enlarged pores.

Dry foundation

It is a stick foundation that reminds of powder. Its main advantage is mobility. It is easy to take it with you on vacations, walks and so on.

Secrets of Correct Applying

So, how to apply tonal cream correctly? There are several secrets from professional cosmetologists. Let's look through some of them:

To start working with tonal cream you have to make your skin condition ideal. You should clean it, then apply tonic and cream. Only after that you can start working with tone foundation. If you don't want to receive a mask effect than apply tone cream not only on your face, but also on your neck and chest zones. If you want to have more natural and transparent tone than mix cream with a few drops of drinking water. To fasten the result, spray thermal water all over toned areas. To choose the most suitable tone for you, apply the chosen cream on the skin of your wrist.

Look if cream tone suits your skin. When choosing a cream, pay attention to its additional functions. Matt cream will be an ideal solution for removing oily shine and hiding enlarged pores. For dry skin you'd better choose cream with a liquifying function. In summer you can buy creams with sun protecting function.

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