Five Amenities to Expect on A Chartered Yacht

One of the top things to do in Dubai is to go on a party boat rental Dubai. If you can afford it, you should definitely rent one from a good yacht rental company and host your own party or maybe even go on a trip. If you've never been on a yacht before, it is easy to get nervous and also excited about the experience. A yacht is like a mobile 5-star hotel. It has so many luxury amenities and facilities that would leave you in awe. Some of these facilities will be listed below to help you know what to expect and ensure you don't settle for less.

Swimming Pools On Yachts

Swimming Pools

Is it really a yacht if it doesn't come with a swimming pool? A swimming pool is one of the facilities you'll find on a yacht. You get to cool off in the water while floating on water. It is a perfect feature because yacht trips are usually taken during summer when the weather's hot and you need more than a chilled drink to stay cool. Some yachts also offer Jacuzzis or spa pools for a more private experience.


Your luxury yacht experience will not be complete without a spa and massage area. The crewmembers usually include professional masseuses who are ready to attend to you and your guests. Yachts usually have massage rooms; however, some massage tables are movable so you can enjoy your massage anywhere, perhaps while appreciating the beautiful ocean scenery.

Water Toys

These are the most fun equipment on board and usually the main attraction of any yacht charter. Water toys like jet skis, kayaks, water skis, ski boats, and even leisure submarines are available on chartered yachts, depending on the size of course. Some family-friendly yachts offer inflatable water slides and other fun but safe toys to keep them occupied.

Indoor Entertainment

If you'd rather spend time indoors, there are perfect facilities for you too. Wi-Fi and satellite TV are two things that are always readily available. You might also find game consoles and a library of interesting books and movies. For a fun night, you'll find a well-stocked bar and maybe even a dance/disco room for you and your friends to have awesome parties in.

Gourmet Kitchen On Yacht

Gourmet Kitchen

This is one of the best places on a yacht because it is where the magic happens. The chef assigned to your yacht spends most of his/her time here preparing absolutely stunning and delicious dishes for you and your guests. However, you can also cook your own meals. Having a chef is just an added luxury.

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