How to Quit Smoking Easily

You know perfectly that smoking leads to cancer and heart diseases. Such warnings can be found on each pack of cigarettes. However, you yourself are going to soon quit. Well, right after the end of this terrible hassle at work... If you understand, that you can’t deal with this problem by yourself you can turn to doctors in Abu Dhabi at King's College Hospital Clinics and they will help you!

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You probably know that if you are a smoker, you will have the potential to die seven years earlier than your non-smoking friends. 4000 chemicals contained in tobacco smoke accelerate the clogging of arteries that leads to lung cancer; with each puff in your body receives the whole army of free radicals that attack the DNA of your cells. Once your body may not have enough antioxidants to negate the harm caused to them, and your body will start to develop cancer cells. All this you know – according to the survey, the majority of smokers, even exaggerating the danger of Smoking to health.

The saddest thing about this extremely affectionate and dangerous habit is that many smokers do not feel a constant pleasure from smoking. Yes, the first cigarette in the morning or after Breakfast can be very pleasant, but then – it is another matter. And you smoke another one in the hope that it will bring you more joy. Then another one, etc.

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It is time for positive encouragement and pats on the back. Yes, you understand correctly. Basically, smokers are nice people, and only a disgusting habit spoils them. Enough to convict you and treat you like enemy number one. Therefore, below we report Smoking some good news!

  • You've tried to quit, but you failed? Congratulations! This means that you are already one step closer to forever abandon bad habits. The average smoker makes ten attempts before finally quitting Smoking. So the more attempts you do, the more chance you have of ever permanently give up the cigarette. Never give up trying!
  • People can refrain from Smoking for a whole life! Most people are non – smokers. You can become one of them.
  • You can expect many pleasant surprises. For several weeks after quitting Smoking you will improve the perception of smell and taste. Imagine the pleasure you will get standing on the beach and a full breast inhaling this delicious fresh salty smell, and then go to your favorite restaurant and finally to fully feel wonderful and refined taste dishes...
  • The French and the Japanese smoke more than Americans and English inhabitants, but yet suffer less heart disease and lung cancer. It is assumed that antioxidant-rich food helps to prevent the damage that smoking causes. But the difficulty is that, as polls show, on average, smokers eat less fruit and vegetables than non-smokers. Can healthy food think the smoker is useless, but now it has become much more important. Set yourself a goal every day to eat ten servings of fruits and vegetables to get the most protective antioxidants, and you will give your body more chance to push back the aging process, an indispensable attribute of your bad habits.

Around you there are hundreds of people who are willing to help you give up smoking. Don't start the fight alone. Ask the doctor to prescribe a nicotine patch or special gum. Try hypnotherapy or acupuncture! Being a strong drug, tobacco requires the same serious approach.

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