Regular Dental Health And Hygiene

Dentistry in DubaiDentists are highly sought-after medical practitioners all over the world, owing to the value people place on not only clean teeth, but beautiful smiles and more precise aspects, such as alignment.

Partly due to the cost of techniques and the equipment used, dental clinics and the treatments they provide can be particularly expensive, especially in states that do not have a federal system of medical insurance that covers some conditions.

This also compels people in some parts of the world to indulge in a practice colloquially referred to as dental tourism, whereby they travel to countries where this type of treatment is cheaper, which is many cases, can be much cheaper than treatment in the home country.


It is a misconception that the practice of dentistry and the work dental specialists do only covers the maintenance and the treatment of the teeth. In fact, dentists specialize in the diagnosis, treatment, and correction procedures that also have to do with the oral cavity as a whole, including the jaw, gums, and disorders of the mouth.

The two most common types of oral conditions are tooth decay, and gum disease. Treatment procedures that are most common include root canal treatment, scaling, tooth repair, and tooth removal.


Regulation healthy teethContrary to popular opinion, while the qualification period and securing a license may take less time than a medical degree, the dentistry profession is strictly regulated in most countries, with prospective candidates having to master dental surgery before they qualify as well.

Dentists provide a range of routine dental services that cover processes such as fillings, gum therapy, diagnosis, and x-rays.

Since many of dental procedures are painful, they may also administer and prescribe types of sedatives before a procedure, or painkillers immediately after one.

Dentists also routinely advise patients on how to take care of the oral cavity for the prevention of common disease. Al Shefa JLT Dental Clinic - New Al Shefa Polyclinic advises patients to get their teeth cleaned and checked at least once every six months.


The teeth cleaning process involves the removal and dislodging of various food bits and foreign substances that become embedded onto and between the teeth, including plaque and tartar.


Without regular care, especially for people who overindulge in sweet foods and unhealthy eating habits of which hard candy is a major culprit, cavities can occur and eventually lead to tooth decay, which is a very common problem across the world.

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