Specializing In A Medical Field

Study medical specialistsReceiving a specialization in a medical field is an important part of the required training for German physicians and doctors.

In order to qualify for a required training program, a student must have been admitted to one of the schools that are approved to provide this kind of training, and be fluent in German.

Once the core part of the studies comes to an end, students can choose an elective subject, of which there are more than two dozen, to become part of a program that will last over five to six years.

This duration will have the trainee fulfill a number of required tasks, and end with an exam to asses whatever has been learned.

This part of the training of German doctors Abu Dhabi is not structured as a course, in the sense that it will not require the individual to go to a university of degree awarding institution, but instead, trainees will be given hands on experience while working as a physician in a medical establishment. The work and assistance is paid.


Before this type of training employment is secured, a trainee must exhibit a certain level of mastery over the German language, as stipulated in the concerned frameworks.

Regional Prerequisites

Most of the prerequisites for what is needed leading up to the training period are different across all German states. Across all of these jurisdictions, there are all in all about seventeen boards that will often set their own standards.

Naturally, gaining a valid specialization will depend on the precise rules put forward by the organizations.

Specialization Training Stages

Specialization trainingBefore training for a specialization begins, an individual must have a license to practice medicine.

Students who have completed their medical education and have this license can apply to be trained at a medical center, which includes clinics, hospitals and a private practice.

The subject matter and structure of the training itself is going to come from the state boards.

It is only the requirements for the initial medical schooling and the rules governing the granting of licenses that come from the federal level.

This means, depending on the state they wish to practice medicine in, students would do well to remain abreast of specialization requirements put forward by the regional board.

Once the trainee physician has completed the requirements provided for in the state’s rules, the state’s chamber of physicians is going to test this knowledge.

An oral exam conducted by three experienced doctors determines whether the trainee has secured sound knowledge of the chosen area, after which he/she is awarded a diploma to certify the feat.

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