Tips to Combat Anxiety & Home Based Stress Management in Dubai

Design to handle the limited amount of stress, our body can tolerate the anxiety and other situation for a brief period of time. Too much stress can hurt our body or soul. There is professional help present for every individual in the form of stress management in Dubai - LifeWorks Foundation is striving to make everyday life easier for everyone with soulful results. That is why we have listed down 3 major home remedies to fight the high level of stress naturally.

Home Made De-Stressor

Yoga and exerciseFrom ages, ancient Greeks are utilizing the chamomile tea, which is praised by many because of its healing properties people are praising it as one of the beautiful gift nature has provided. Nowadays, estimated 1 million cups of this tea drunk each day all over the world by naturopathic doctors praise and herbalists to get rid of stress.

Devotional Prayer & Meditation

It may sound non-practical to several people but healing prayers and meditation are proven by many to help people deal with anxiety, worry and finding peace for their soul and mind. The best part is the convenience they offer by using them any time of the day, at any place without a therapist, special program or practitioner.

Yoga and Exercise

The healthy stress reliever everyone can get is exercise, a strong and natural remedy for the worst level of anxiety because of a powerful chemical, endorphin is released during physical activity in the brain which acts as a mood-lifter and pain-killer in the body.

According to several types of research, the negative effect of depression, anxiety and stress act more on people who are inactive. The insulin sensitivity is improved by exercise due to which hunger levels, confidence, and self-esteem raised in people which lead to lower chances of uncalled depression.

Food Remedies to Manage Stress

A good and steady intake of nutrients like vitamins, healthy fats, trace minerals, amino acids, electrolytes, and antioxidants help your brain in handling stress in a better way which in turn leave a positive impact on the entire body.

B vitamins

B vitaminsThe body utilizes this one to convert all the nutrients into energy. Cultured or raw dairy products, grass fed beef, cage free eggs, wild caught fish, brewers' yeast, poultry and green leafy vegetables are filled with this vitamin.

Calcium and Magnesium

Serve as a relaxing electrolyte or minerals, these are very important muscle relaxants which easily relieve a headache and help you sleep better. Unsweetened yogurt, beans & legumes, wild caught salmon, green veggies, broccoli, nuts, and avocados have sufficient supply of these minerals.

High protein

These foods provide a high level of amino acids that are required for proper function of signaling in brain or neurotransmission.

Healthy fats and omega-3 fatty acids

These can stabilize mood by reducing inflammation with a great development of heart and brain muscles. Cold-water, sardines or salmons and other healthy fats such as avocado, nuts/seeds, coconut oil and olive oil help you in achieving the high level of stress management in Dubai.

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