Vaccination For Kids: Stop Day To Night Germ Attack


When a child passes from infancy to his young adulthood, all the children get sick to some extent at some point. In the UAE, the diseases confronted by the children are less severe, traumatic and fatal than they were several decades ago as we have a lot of doctors in Abu Dhabi and other states of UAE who are continually working for childhood diseases every day.

Children may encounter many infectious diseases specifically when they are in their early months and years of their lives. The most common and the most difficult to avoid infections belong to the upper respiratory system which may be of viral or bacterial origin; they may include cold, bronchitis or croup. Some other infections which are difficult to treat are sinusitis, ear infection, impetigo that is skin infection and conjunctivitis that is pink eye.

There is one word that has been standing at number one position for much of the progress against infectious diseases and that is vaccination. The prevention of childhood diseases and the improvement brought in childhood mortality rates is mainly due to these vaccines.

Say for example you can have the vaccine for diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis in one dose. Diphtheria is a serious problem of the respiratory system caused by bacterial infection leading to serious diseases. Pertussis is the second name for whooping cough and it is the disease that blocks breathing and eating in children while tetanus is a very dangerous bacterial infection that can be life-threatening if left untreated or not prevented.

It is the miracle of the vaccine that UAE has been polio-free since 1992.vaccination is very important if this disease is to be eliminated from the whole world. When the child is six months or older, the vaccines for flu and pneumonia are also recommended to make his immune system strong as the children are most exposed to these diseases. A particular strain of pneumonia can cause blood infections and meningitis which can also be prevented by the vaccines.

Similarly, the viral infections of measles, mumps and rubella causing serious symptoms can be prevented by the MMR vaccine. Chronic conditions like deafness, brain damage and reproductive problems can be the results of measles and mumps. Rubella is also called the German measles and causes fever.

Vaccinations are completely safe for a healthy child but if your child is very sick or seriously ill at the time of vaccination, better get an advice from the health care provider before vaccinating your child. Vaccinations are very important because the diseases prevented by childhood vaccination are fatal and deadly. Measles, mumps, polio and tetanus are the most dangerous diseases and it’s a pity that they are still present in our world to make our children ill. The only way to save your child from such diseases is to vaccinate them.

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